Thursday, December 27, 2007

Best album of 2007 - Mayhem - Ordo Ad Chao

Okay, the next review may seem a bit 'out of character', considering the nature of previous album reviews and recommendations you've been presented with on TJF. But what the hell…

Mayhem is considered one of the most controversial bands in the history of rock, especially due to the vast number of urban legends surrounding their early years. Much controversy has followed the various murders, suicides and other forms of violence involving the band in the early years.

Over time Mayhem has evolved through a variety of black metal styles, delving at times into areas of dark avant-garde industrial and electronica.
In 2007 the legendary pioneers of black metal, the self-proclaimed best band in the world, have yet again amazed friend and foe with the chilling album Ordo Ad Chao.
I can't think of a lot of recent black metal albums that sound different from those released about ten years ago (apart from old-time favourites Mayhem and of course Satyricon, the most avant-garde BM band ever)… The rest of them have all become a bit too bombastic for my taste, a bit too mainstream as well.
That's just why Mayhem's most recent work is such a surprise. The minimalistic, low-fi production value takes the listener back to the olden days, when black metal was still very underground. Though technically a lot more improved, the band sounds a lot more basic than on their previous albums. The grim atmosphere, the complex song structures and phenomenal rhytm section is reminiscent of Mayhem's first full album called De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas.

So, if you're into some old-school BM, you might get used to the new (old) sound of Mayhem? If you're not, then there's plenty of other stuff on this blog.

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