Monday, May 14, 2007

Dream Theater - Systematic Chaos

Good old Dream Theater is back with a new album…

Fans of the band know DT for their well-balanced blend of highly melodic symphonic rock songs and progressive metal compositions. I guess that combination would explain why their music would appeal to a great diversity of music lovers: both lovers of mainstream melodic rock and the musically (even) more challenging progressive side of some of Dream Theater's stuff.

The fans will be happy with 'Systematic Chaos' (I know I am)... This is DT at their best. Well-composed symphonic rock songs like 'Forsaken', 'The Ministry Of Lost Souls' will stick in the back of your mind for days, while the albums's grand finale 'In The Presence Of Enemies (Part 2)' offers nearly 15 minutes of overwhelming progressive metal: soaring guitars, over the edge keyboard wizzardry and highly emotive vocals.

The big surprise on this CD is 'Prophets of War'. In this song, the band seems to take a stand against the whole 'war for oil' issue. A great track that is testimony of the band's admiration for neo progressive/space rockers Muse. The song is an amazing blend of both Muse's and DT's sound!

Again, I've located the links to this great album, so try it before you buy it! Links in comments.