Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Chick Corea - The Ultimate Aventure (2006 - fusion)

A bit of a 'late' discovery this one (Chick Corea's new album has been around for a few months now) - but better late than never. I stumbled upon The Ultimate Adventure when researching the bill of this year's Blue Note Records Festival.

Blue Note Records Festival has become a bit of a classic and is high on my to-do list come July. Some interesting names are featured on the bill: contemporary acts like The Cinematic Orchestra, DJ Shadow, Eric Truffaz as well as some classic bands like Sly and the Family Stone, Winton Marsalis and even Chick Corea.
If you're anywhere near Ghent this summer, you should check it out. Visit the website for a complete update on the program. I had some great times therelast year: music by the likes of Dr. John and Randy Newman, nice atmosphere and good food...

Anyway, back to Chick Corea's latest album. The Ultimate Adventure features a nice collection of richly layered jazz-rock fusion, very laid-back and ideal for the summertime! During the album's 75 minutes runtime, there's never a dull moment. There's nothing better than this kind of well-crafted soft fusion for a relaxing listen... The use of percussion and the subtle infusions of elements of world music from Africa to the Far East provide an interesting, exotic touch.

A real treat for fans of jazz/fusion. I can't wait to see Chick and his band perform live this summer!

Get it here!
Part one.
Part two.

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