Sunday, March 4, 2007

Peter Hamill

Back in 2005 legendary progressive rock band Van Der Graaf Generator made a smashing comeback with the double album 'Present'. In my opinion, one of the best releases since the last couple of years – a double CD consisting of a magnificent studio album that has that same raw energy as their live performances back in the 70's, and a collection of exciting instrumental jazz improvisations.
As to what the band are up to now, things are uncertain.

Fans of VDGG might also like vocalist Peter Hamill's solo work. You get what you'd expect from one of the greatest singer/songwriters in (progressive) rock music: compelling vocals, disturbing lyrics and the ever growing need to experiment with different styles and moods.
Often pretentious and pompous at times, true. But Hamill still is one of the few rock artists who gets away with that.

'In Camera' (1974) still sports some of those old Van Der Graaf Generator vibes (minus the legendary double-sax of Peter Jackson). I strongly recommend this album.
In 'The Future Now' (1978), Hamill expands his musical horizon by enriching his sound with synths and drum machines on most of the tracks.

In Camera (1974)
The Future Now (1978)

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Anonymous said...

Cheers for these. I've only recently come to like PH. I've spent many years studiously avoiding his output, but i heard a track on the web and was blown away. I hadn't realised what an influence he must have been on Howard Devoto's band Magazine. I can also hear traces of Robert Calvert and mid period Bowie. What's not to like :)
Again, cheers for the posts, esp looking forward to The Future Now, hell, it's almost new wave !