Friday, March 16, 2007

Kayak (update)

Last summer I was over the moon when I stumbled upon some vinyl copies of a couple of albums by Kayak. I found them on a local flea market (I live in Ghent, Belgium) and purchased these forgotten gems for a couple of euros each.

I got to know the Music of Kayak back in 2005, in the same year the band released their monumental double concept album entitled 'Nostradamus'. Not because I was interested in the band, but because I had been reading a biography on the enigmatic figure Nostradamus. As they say, one thing leads to another and I became hooked on the music from this Dutch progressive rock band.

Periscope Life (1980).
I really love this album. A nice mix of pop and progressive rock. Kayak's influences include the illustrious Supertramp, Genesis (UK) and Styx (US). Personally, I'd like to think of the late 70's/early 80's incarnation of Kayak as the thinking man's Abba (I mean that in a good way, folks)...
Anyway, I'm convinced this is Kayak at their best: catchy, upbeat symphonic rock, full of intricate melodies and emotionally charged vocals (well, in a manly kind of way).
'Lost Blue Of Chartres' is one of the most notable track on the album. This overly sentimental instrumental power ballad made in on the soundtrack of one of Holland's most famous cult movies, Paul Verhoeven's 'Spetters', a raw 'coming of age' flick about a couple of working class amateur dirt bikers. A saga with a tragic end.

Phantom of the Night (1979)
'Phantom' has the same qualities as the aforementioned album. I accidentally bought two copies of the original vinyl album. Each album had a different cover. Also, the tracklist of each issue was slightly different.

I found links to the reissues of both albums, each containing some nice bonus material. Enjoy!
Periscope Life.
Phantom of the Night.


n8w8 said...

Thanks, great material :-)

Anonymous said...

One of my two favorite Dutch progrock bands (the other being Focus)