Sunday, February 4, 2007

Such A Night!

Last summer a friend of mine invited me to attend a concert by Dr. John (Malcolm 'Mac' John Rebennack Jr.) at the Blue Note Festival in my hometown of Ghent. It was a night to remember...

It was great to see the legendary New Orleans blues/jazz artist perform live. At the age of 66 he seemed a bit tired and down, still shaken by the mayhem reaped by hurricane Katrina in his hometown New Orleans a year earlier. His hopefulness in times of despair gave the performance an extra dimension: the city of New Orleans would fight back and rise above the devastation, Dr. John claimed.

After Dr. John, Randy Newman performed a humorous concert. Such a night!

A friend at the PNF forum posted a link to 'Such A Night - Live in London' by Dr. John. Check it out here.

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