Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Some more Guru Guru

A friend of The Juicy Fruits looked me up some links to more stuff by Guru Guru. I'm more than happy to share. So this is one of them...
'Der Elektrolurch' (1974) is a double album which consists of all tracks from 'Kän Guru' (1972) and 'Guru Guru' (1973). This is probaly the best collection of classic Guru Guru prior to CD era.
Link to the album: here.


mahood said...

well... thanks for the collection. would you have the much more difficult to find "don't call us"..?
thanks a lot.

Salty Dog said...

I don't think I do... I'll have a look around and maybe ask some people.
If I get lucky, I'll post it for sure.