Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Rick van der Linden - UPDATE

As a follow-up of my previous post on Rick van der Linden, I'm happy to recommend a couple of albums by Ekseption. 5 (1972) and Trinity (1973) were the last two albums (at least for quite a while) with van der Linden as a key member. After that he founded Trace.

The following links were kindly provided by a blogger friend of mine. They're excellent vinyl rips. So if you want to explore these rare gems, don't thank me! Especially Trinity comes highly recommended... Check out the killer track Imrovisation, a great mix of symphonic prog rock and loungy grooves!
5 - get it here.
Trinity - get it here.

If you want to buy some music by Trace, visit the iTunes Music Store or Musicstack.com.


a r n e l said...

...ik kan je op dit moment niet helpen. Maar ik hou mijn ogen en oren open voor Klaus Nomi's "Encore"...

Leuke blog trouwens hier...

BlackwatchPlaid said...


yvw ;-)