Sunday, January 14, 2007

Pink Floyd - The Final Cut (1983)

Originally intended to be the third disc of The Wall, Floyd's record company would not let them put out a triple album. As a result, The Final Cut was released as a separate album four years later. Still, the album should be considered as a part of the Wall in order to make sense.

Once again frontman Roger Waters uses his music to come to terms with some of his personal problems and pains during that era. Because of that many Pink Floyd fans turned their backs to the band, as you can read in this comment by G. Vázquez: "Roger Waters criticized dictators, but he became one of them in Pink Floyd. I agree, it is more a Waters's solo album (even Nick Mason said it in interviews...)".
Despite the fact that Waters's ego was getting way out of control, The Final Cut is still a great record.

So anyway, find out for yourselves!
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