Friday, January 19, 2007

FLAIRCK (progressive folk)

The Dutch folk collective Flairck has been around since the late 70's. I never heard about them until very recently - when a Juicy Fruits visitor sent me a link to a nice blog that has been posting stuff about Flairck.

The music of Flairck - mainly instrumental folk music - was heavily influenced by Celtic folk and classical music in the beginning. Later on the band adopted many other influences like Meso-American music, Inuit music and many other world music styles. Their ever growing, rich musical repertoire is a direct result of their fascination for folk music from every corner of the world.
Although Flairck's music is very rich in texture, the line-up is often quite minimalistic: an accoustic guitar, violin and flute. Flairck however, is also famous for their experiments with other, more exotic instruments such as the sitar, xylophones or even a fairground organ... Through the years the musicians of Flairck have proven successful in attempting to constantly innovate their music, fusing different styles into a coherent sound and sending out a positive message towards a multicultural environement.

If you're a fan of classical music or world music, you should check them out. So visit my friend Sakalli's blog to learn more...

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Anonymous said...

I got here through you're link on and wanted to say that I attended a Flairck concert last Saturday in Breda, NL. I've known them for years and their Reunion tour they are doing know with the original 1978 line-up is fantastic. Nice blog btw! Greetz from NL