Sunday, December 24, 2006


Hello everyone, welcome to this blog.

So, what's the point of yet another music blog, you might ask? Well, there isn't any. It just seemed like a lot of fun...

Whether you want to explore rare vintage rock albums, or lesser known folk, jazz or fusion records, this might by a good place to start. I'll also try posting some of my opinions about more recent releases.
My taste in music is quite broad so you might find anything here... If it's good, it's good!
So, check out Juicy Fruits as often as you can!

I'm a big fan of music blogs myself. Just browse through the links section to explore my favourite ones.

1 comment:

FD said...

First impression:Excellent.
Included in my top 15,visited almost dayly.
Good luck, good work!
from Brasil.FD